Case Studies

Sure, we love turning out award winning creative. We have. Honest. What we think you’ll appreciate even more are results that directly reflect on your bottom line. Through a collaborative and consultative marketing process, we have the passion to produce the most effective solution to your business challenge.

Your creative and marketing needs are unique. With years of branding and marketing street smarts, both in print and online, we can tailor your brand developing and marketing needs specifically to you.

United Way

Through extensive Ipsos Reid research, it became apparent that United Way had great name recognition, but was completely miss understood, if understood at all. Everyone knows United Way, but few know what good it really does in their own community. One in three Victorians benefit from United Way, but no one knows their stories…more


Parc Modern Interiors

In a highly competitive market, the challenge for Parc Modern was being able to establish a foot hold in a higher end furniture market with much more established competitors.more


Foo Foods

“If you build it, they will come”…it’s a great line, but in the real business world, it rarely, if ever happens. For a small, but experienced company looking to open an asian style restaurant in the downtown core, the competition for lunchtime and dinner dollars is steep. Why should I try your restaurant?more


Resource Furniture

Every now and then, as marketers, we are presented with a product that truly is revolutionary.This incredible, space saving line of furniture from Italy was making it’s first appearance in Canada. The product would be carried in Canada by Resource Funiture, the first licensee ever issued by the parent company in New York City.more