Our name defines our business model. We have removed all non-essential layers to give our clients direct access to the people who produce the work. BONE. There is no fat. Just an experienced team of pros who are the best in their respective fields who have come together to give you direct access to the solutions you need.


Shon Taylor - Managing Director
Industry Experience: 15 years!
BONE-PHONE: 250.984.BONE (2663)
DIRECT: 250.813.0523



It’s that moment when the brand you’re working on comes alive, when a client makes a sale by answering the phone, not dialing it. That’s what excites me. That’s when I know I have done my job. Having worked in the trenches for years, I bring a sense of creative know-how rarely found in an employee driven agencies.

Experience teaches what works on a website, what helps an ad pull, what makes a brochure get read and what makes a photograph jump off the screen. Experience provides a second level of intuition: ‘Yes, it looks good, but will it work?’ While I have a body of work across many industries, I believe I’ve developed a keen understanding for all consumers. If you have an item you want to market, I will help you sell a lot of them.


Dylan Chernick - Account Manager/Social Media Marketing
Industry Experience: 3 years!
BONE-PHONE: 250.984.BONE (2663)
DIRECT: 250.896.2659



Being part of the millennial generation, I have witnessed the exponential growth of companies like Apple, Facebook and Twitter but have also seen failures in the form of product flops like Microsoft Vista and of once popular Digg fall off the face of the earth.

Having grown up in the midst of growing technologies like WordPress and the ever increasing trend towards social media, I help clients choose the right technology and develop long term strategies to successfully deliver the brand message and communication to customers.

Daniel Ferguson - Web Director
Industry Experience:  15 years
DIRECT: daniel@bonecreative.com




Daniel has more than 15 years of software development experience creating innovative websites and desktop applications in different sectors such as agriculture, computer security and finance. He strives to build simple, friendly user interfaces that are easy for people to use. Daniel is also an avid photographer, with a special interest in 360° panoramas. He is fascinated by language, culture and travel, and taught himself to read Hindi (Devanagari) script during two trips to India.