Affordable Content Delivery

Written by Stacey Sugden

CloudFront from Amazon Web Services is a global content delivery network (CDN) service.

A CDN accelerates the delivery of your website, by caching copies of your static content, such as images, CSS & JS files, using a network of servers around the world.

For example, if a customer is visiting your website from Europe, they will download all your websites static content from a Europian based server.

This decreases the general load time of your website and frees up your server resources.

Affordable Content Delivery

Amazon Cloudfront is cheap CDN solution if you are a small website owner because the service is intended to be sold in bulk to large-scale websites since you are only using a minimal amount of resources, 1 medium size / traffic website might cost lest then $1 a month to host.

Cloudfront Content Changes

Most CDN’s scan your static content for changes, but with Amazon CDN, they only replace your files every 24 hours. If you need to force a change, you must log in to Cloudfront and send a request.


Force change requests



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