Hutcheson & Co.

An agency offering accounting and cross-border tax services in Victoria, BC and internationally.


Hutcheson & Co. is a unique accounting firm that specializes in cross-border tax services. They are based in Victoria, BC and have offices across Canada.

Hutcheson & Co. approached BONE Creative to build a new website to set them apart from the competition.

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Connecting With Their Audience

BONE Creative developed an innovative website that allows Hutcheson & Co. to showcase their team and services, as well as communicate directly with their audience through a questions-and-answers system.

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Conveying Approachability

Relationships are important to Hutcheson & Co. That’s why we photographed their staff, creating crisp, professional portraits to represent them online. This helps show personality, transparency, and humanizes their large corporation.

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E-commerce For Payments

Hutcheson wanted to offer their clients a quick and convenient way to pay for their services online. We worked with Hutcheson to develop a simple payment page using the popular online payment system PayPal. Clients can pay directly through the Hutcheson website without visiting an external vendor, creating a seamless payment experience.

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Final Outcome

BONE Creative has worked with Hutcheson & Co. to design a website showcasing approachability and client experience. Paired with cohesive branding and client ease of use, Hutcheson & Co. have repositioned themselves as a frontrunner in their industry.

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Our team of designers and marketers ensure quality service by doing all our work in-house. Nothing gets lost in translation. We strive to keep clients through creativity, transparency, and great service!

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