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GrainFrac is a company that pioneers sustainable plant-based protein technology. They place great importance on promoting environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional protein sources.

Understanding GrainFrac’s Vision and Values

GrainFrac’s came to BONE Creative for a well-designed website to convey their values and attract potential investors. To develop a website that accurately represents GrainFrac, it was essential to understand their mission, values, and target audience. By delving into their values of environmental responsibility and health-consciousness, we gained valuable insights into their brand identity. Furthermore, understanding their target audience, eco-conscious potential investors, enabled us to tailor the website to their needs and expectations.

Grainfrac website on screen
Grainfrac website on screen

Collaborative Process with GrainFrac

A successful website development project necessitates collaboration and effective communication with the client. Throughout the process, we maintained open channels of communication with GrainFrac, scheduling regular meetings to discuss progress, address concerns, and gather feedback. By actively involving GrainFrac in the decision-making process, we ensured that the website accurately reflected their vision and values. Incorporating their ideas and preferences into the design and content elements was pivotal in creating a website that resonates with GrainFrac and their target audience.

Showcasing the Benefits of GrainFrac’s Technology

GrainFrac’s innovative plant-based protein technology offers numerous benefits, including sustainability and quality. To effectively communicate these advantages, the website features dedicated sections that highlight the positive impact of GrainFrac’s technology. Additionally, the website emphasizes the financial appeal of investing in GrainFrac’s technology, showcasing the potential for long-term profitability and market growth.

Grainfrac website on screen

Finalizing and Launching the Website

As the website development neared completion, revisions were made based on GrainFrac’s input to ensure that the final product accurately represented their brand and fulfilled their expectations. Once all revisions were implemented, the website was deployed, ensuring a smooth and seamless launch.

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Before and after, showing a change to a sharper modern font

Logo Refresh and More

GrainFrac’s original logo didn’t convey the company’s status as a modern innovator or leader. Although there wasn’t enough time for a full rename and rebranding process, we did update the logo style. We decided visually to downplay the ‘FRAC’ portion of the name while enhancing the wholesome part of the name ‘GRAIN’. We accomplished this by using a combination of Bold and Regular font weights paired with a modernised font with sharper lines in all caps.

We also assisted with GrainFrac’s pitch deck, visually communicating their complex data points.


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